Vauxhall models, including newcomers such as the Insignia and Mokka, have found favour with independent residual-value experts. Looking at March 2014 CAP Gold data over three years/60,000 miles, the new Insignia Design 2.0CDTi (140PS) is up £1,200 versus the equivalent model from March last year. Also seeing a similar rise is the Mokka Exclusiv 1.7D (130PS), up £1,075 for the same period. Other Vauxhall models have also featured residual value improvements, including Astra and ADAM.

“I am delighted with these results and it shows that the fleet industry endorses Vauxhall's strategy to launch great cars with strong appeal," said James Taylor, Vauxhall's Fleet Sales Director. “If we build in desirability and good value for the new-car buyer, then this will follow for the used-car buyer too. “With our focus on improving our brand, improving specification and driving down CO2 emissions, this is all helping build positive residual value momentum for Vauxhall and is also good news for the fleet industry."