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Electric Streets of Britain

Vauxhall is launching the Electric Streets of Britain campaign to support the 40% of households without off-street parking make the switch to electric. Working with charge point operators and local councils we aim to accelerate the installation of on-street residential charging right across the UK.

To do this we need your help. Whether you drive an electric vehicle today or would consider one in future, we want to hear from you. By completing this simple form, you can highlight the requirement for residential charging on your street. Using this data, we will build a nationwide map of where current and future demand exists. We will share this data with councils to help them make informed investment decisions.

The sale of new petrol and diesel cars, and vans, is set to end in the UK from 2030. This transition requires a charging network that is reliable and accessible to motorists across the country. The ability to charge at home is one of the key factors determining whether motorists make the switch to electric. We surveyed all UK councils to find out how prepared they are for this transition. The key findings are detailed below. By completing our simple survey you can help us work collaboratively with local councils and charge point operators to accelerate the adoption of this vital infrastructure.

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How can you help us?

Vauxhall has launched a database which allows all motorists register an interest in having residential charge points installed on their street. Vauxhall will share this data with local councils and charging operators to ensure investment is focused in the right areas.

You don’t need to own an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle today to complete the form. We also want to hear from you, if you are considering making the switch in the future, this will help ensure the required infrastructure is ready & waiting for you!

What else are we doing?

Vauxhall have partnered with leading on-street-charging operators, Connected Kerb and SureCharge, to support our Electric Streets of Britain campaign.

These partners have access to funding from Vauxhall to support their efforts in educating your local council on the best way to quickly roll out this vital infrastructure.

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Details are based on Vauxhall's Freedom of Information request up to 2nd July 2023 and completed by 289 of the 414 councils approached

According to exclusive data collated by Vauxhall, more than 70% of UK councils do not currently have a published strategy in place for the installation of residential on-street charging.

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of UK councils have no published strategy for residential on-street charging


of local authorities yet to install any on-street residential charge points


London will soon be home to that many on-street charge points – more than double across all other regions of the UK combined

Living with an electric vehicle is easy when you can charge close to home. is installing on-street charge points to give people without driveways access to easier, cheaper, greener charging within a 2-minute walk of their home. All their on-street charging points give people access to low-cost, overnight charging, when the UK’s electricity grid is typically at its greenest. are working to install thousands more charge points in various urban and rural locations across the UK.

Connected Kerb

Connected Kerb are an electric vehicle charging solutions provider, who aim to bring inclusive, reliable and convenient electric vehicle charging to everyone.

They focus on fast electric vehicle charging (that's 7kW to 22kW chargers) in long-stay locations such as on-street residential parking or car parks.

The company deliver on-street community electric vehicle charging, working with local authorities to support residents unable to charge their vehicle on a driveway.


FM Conway’s Electric Vehicle charging solution, SureCharge, provides an end-to-end service to local authorities across the UK, covering installation, operation, and maintenance of its charge points.

SureCharge provides a simple solution that leverages existing street infrastructure, such as lighting columns, enabling the efficient deployment of chargepoints when and where they are needed most.

As part of the FM Conway Group, the SureCharge network is supplied with electricity from 100% renewable sources, and is backed by REGOs (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin), to offer an eco-friendly option across its range of chargers.