NHS Associate Partners Savings

As a member of the NHS, Vauxhall qualify you and your immediate family members for Associate partners discount savings. This means you could drive away in a new Vauxhall with further savings of up to £1300 more than our normal showroom offers!

Share Your Offer

You can share your offer with the following family members

  • Partner or spouse
  • Parents and step-parents
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Step-brothers and step-sisters
  • Children and step-children

What To Do Next:

1. Contact Tony Le Voi by phone or via our easy to use online enquiry form, see below on how to get in touch.

2. Visit us and choose your new Vauxhall.

3. We will add the NHS partners allowance separately to the order so you can see this is in addition to the other manufacturer and dealer savings.

4. Drive away in your new Vauxhall.

How To Get In Touch:

By Phone:

  • Dial our showroom on 01708 201178 - Lakeside or 01708 201179 - Romford to speak to our friendly and experienced team who can guide you through the options.

Online Enquiry Form:

  • Contact our sales team via our quick and easy online Enquiry Form. Please quote 'NHS Partners' within the comments section.